Earn Interest by Lending BNB

With Bit5, you can earn interest by lending BNB to users who want to use their NFTs as collateral.

How does it work?

  1. Browse the NFTs listed by borrowers and choose the one you want to lend to.

  2. Make a loan offer to the NFT owner of your choice.

  3. Define the terms, such as loan duration, interest rate, and repayment amount

  4. When the borrower accepts your loan offer and terms, the BNB amount will be transferred from your wallet to the borrower's wallet.

  5. Upon the borrower's repayment in accordance with the specified conditions, the BNB, along with your earned interest, will be deposited back into your wallet.

What happens if they don’t repay the loan?

If the borrower fails to pay the debt within the specified time limit, you can liquidate the NFT provided as collateral. Be sure to take this into consideration when making a loan offer. In order to be able to liquidate it at a reasonable price if the borrower defaults, make sure that your offer is worth the value of the NFT.

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