The Pausable library is a fundamental feature of our contract and is used in our NFT marketplace, Treasury, and NFT Lending platform smart contracts. This library enables the temporary suspension and resumption of our functions. In cases of emergencies or security measures, it may be necessary to pause the contract and suspend interactions. In such cases, the Pausable library can be utilized to temporarily halt the contract and later reactivate it.

The Pausable library provides a mechanism that enhances the flexibility and security of our smart contracts. It also offers better control over the assets and transactions of our users. Technically, the library utilizes a special node to perform the pausing and resuming operations, temporarily suspending or reactivating the contract's functions through this node.

By enabling quick and secure response to emergencies, the Pausable library provides our users with a safer and smoother experience. More detailed information on how to use and the functionality of the Pausable library can be found in the technical documentation of our contract.

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