Accept Global Bid As Owner

'acceptGlobalBidAsOwner' Function Security Description

Function Purpose

The acceptGlobalBidAsOwner function is a function used to accept a BID approved by the owner of the NFT and transfer the NFT to the person making the BID. This function works safely by applying the following security measures:

Security precautions

  1. Verification Processes The acceptGlobalBidAsOwner function performs some validation to ensure the correctness of the transaction. These validations are: isOrderValid(order, signature): The function uses the isOrderValid function to verify the validity of the BID. This function verifies that the BID's signature is correct and that the _nftOwner address actually represents the BID it has endorsed.

  2. Authority Control The acceptGlobalBidAsOwner function can only be called by the owner of the contract (controlled by the onlyOwner token). This ensures that the function is protected against unauthorized access.

  3. One Time Transaction Guarantee The function is controlled with the nonReentrant token, protecting it from retry attacks. This prevents the function from being called more than once at the same time.

  4. Pausable The function has the ability to be stopped by checking it with the whenNotPaused token. In this way, the use of the function can be stopped in cases determined by the contract owner.

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