Engaging with your community is a must, and now you can see what they think on any given topic using Vote, a new feature using Snapshot infrastructure.

What is Vote?

Vote is a system where your community can express their opinion on a proposal created by the team or by community members that hold 5+ NFTs (recommended). Users can currently select a single choice within a proposal using the number of NFTs they hold in their wallet as vote weight. ​

How to activate the Vote feature for a collection?

You must create a space on Contact us to turn on voting for your collection by filling out the voting application form. Your community can vote according to the strategies we have determined. You can find the form here.

Some settings that need to be done on the snapshat side to enable Vote:

How the strategy needs to be adjusted?

Add the erc721 strategy and enter your NFT's contract address and symbol.

If the NFTs in your collection are staked and you want the staked NFTs to be counted in the votes, set the masterchef-pool-balance strategy for staked NFTs to be included in votepower.

This example is for nft collection staked on kalmy.

"chefAddress" is the address of the staking collection contract (the address can remain the same if you are doing NFT staking on kalmy). pid: is the pool ID, you can get this information from kalmy for the kalmy instance.

  "pid": "2", //Moonpets pool id
  "symbol": "MPNFT", //Moonpets nft symbol
  "weight": 10,
  "decimals": 1,
  "tokenIndex": null,
  "chefAddress": "0xc7b92e4a5983DeA5751B9cb027b2478388dE353c", // kalmy stake contract
  "uniPairAddress": null,
  "weightDecimals": 0

How the Proposal validation needs to be adjusted?

Validation is set to basic and the minimum score is specified. The minimum score value specifies the number of nft required to start a proposal (vote)

How the Voting needs to be adjusted?

Type: single choice voting is selected.

Validation: Basic is selected and minimum score 1 is entered. The minimum score part here indicates the votepower of NFTs.

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